Federal Programs Office (Title I)

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                       FEPD Director     Title I Coordinator   FEPD Secretary          Social Worker      Technology Coordinator

                                                                                                  Teresa Outlaw
                                                                                            Parent Coordinator

Federal Program Goals

The main goal of Title I and all federal programs is to supplement instruction for educationally deprived/disadvantaged students in the Noxubee County School District.

Title I Program

Title I, Part A, flow-through funds provide supplemental funds to help improve instruction in the entire curriculum through the implementation of a school-wide program in the Noxubee County School District.  Title I funds help to ensure that all disadvantaged students meet challenging State academic standards.


We, the Noxubee County School District, believe in the growth and development of self-discipline; a school climate conducive to learning, and for each student to be given the opportunity to achieve at his/her own rate.  It is the aim of this district, with assistance of the Title I program, to make learning meaningful; therefore, meeting the educational, social and emotional needs of educationally deprived/disadvantaged students.

Federal Programs Office
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